Math 2710: Transition to Advanced Math
Jeremy Teitelbaum
Fall Semester, 2019

Jeremy Teitelbaum
Office: Monteith 231
Office hours: 9:00 - 10:00 Mondays, 12:15-13:00 Wednesdays (or by appointment)
Course Description. This course is an introduction to mathematical proof, taught through examples mainly from algebra and number theory.

Textbook: An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking: Algebra & Number Systems, by Gilbert and Vanstone. Pearson, New Jersey. ISBN 0-13-184868-2.

Prerequisites. MATH 1132 or 1152. Cannot be taken for credit after passing MATH 2143, 3150, 3210, 3230, 3240, 3260, 3270, 3330, 3370 or 224.

Piazza. We will be using the piazza Q&A site for intra-class consultation. Questions about the course should be directed to the piazza site. Course resources are also available through piazza. You can access piazza through the Husky CT course for the class, but you should have received an email enrolling you in the class and providing a direct link.

Assessment. Grades in this course will be based on the following:

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